Sock WIP Down Update

About weeks ago, I challenged myself to finish all of my sock WIPs before my advent socks were due to start on 1 December. I then promptly vanished from WordPress, neglecting the blog I had just the week before started! But I am back now with an update of all the socks I have finished in the meantime (spoiler alert: I am doing very well at my challenge).

As a refresher, these are the socks I started with:

A lot of unfinished socks!

The first pair of socks I finished were self-striping socks in the Jack Skellington colourway from Area 51 Fibres.

Why are these two photos so much smaller than all of the others?

This yarn is a bit plumper than a regular sock yarn so I knit 68 stitches to fit my boyfriend instead of the 72 I usually use. I knitted them top down with a true afterthought heel. I’m glad to have these done because it turns out I do not like knitting socks in black and grey.

I do not know!

The next pair I finished were another pair of Halloween socks – the Trick or Treat colourway by Jokamamo Textiles.

As much as I enjoy a theme, I honestly think Halloween just does not work in Australia – it happens right smack in the middle of spring, just when blooms are flowering and there is joyful new growth everywhere you look. The days are becoming longer and brighter – the absolute opposite of gloomy and spooky. However, someone with the lockdown blues requested Halloween socks, so Halloween socks they got.

I did take the FO shots on a rainy day to try to make it seem a little bit spooky! (points for trying, right?)

The next pair I finished were another pair of grey socks. It is not a coincidence that these had been a WIP for a while – even though the yarn is really lovely, I do not like working on dark socks.

The yarn is Natural Fibre Arts BFL Sturdy Sock in a colourway I cannot remember. It doesn’t look like they sell it anymore, which is a pity because it’s a great base that I think will wear really well. I (clearly) discovered halfway down the foot that what I thought was a full skein was in fact a partial skein, so I finished off the foot and toes with some Knit Picks Hawthorne Kettle Dye in Conifer which I have had forever.

I then finished a really pretty pair of socks made with Skip Rope Yarn Co Rhymes with Orange.

I made these for my sister for Christmas but, the thing is, my sister has the same size foot as me and I want to keep them!

I mean, look at those colours – can you blame me? Hearts eyes emojis all over the place.

(I am too old to figure out how to add emojis to a WordPress post.)

Finally (at long last!) is a really fun pair of self-striping socks from HalfBaked Hand-dyed. The colourway is Belvin, which I think was a colourway of the month.

I cannot recommend Danni’s yarn highly enough – she has a real talent for self-striping yarn. I’ve never been disappointed with anything I have bought from her.

So, even though I haven’t been writing about the challenge, I have been knitting on it. Five pairs to go!

The Goldfish Problem: #SockWIPdownchallenge

I like to knit socks. No, truthfully, I love to knit socks. I love the tiny needles and the colourful yarn. I love that you can get a whole project out of one ball of yarn (and usually with leftovers for even more projects!). I love that you’re never knitting for very long before you do something different (cuff to leg, leg to heel flap, and so on) but that none of those bits are very hard and, if that bit is not your favourite, it’s over very quickly and another bit starts. Socks are my absolute favourite thing to make and, therefore, I make them all the time.

However, there are drawbacks to knitting socks. As I discovered when I decided it would be a fun lockdown activity to survey my socks-in-progress, sometimes the whole sock knitting caper can get a little bit out of hand. Out of hand how exactly?, I hear you ask.

Well, here’s how. I present to you all of my sock WIPs.

Eek! It turns out that I had a lot of project bags scattered around the house that were filled with unfinished socks. In fact, every single pair of sock needles and every single knitting bag I own was in use. Like how goldfish expand to fit to size of the fishbowl they are in, it appears that if unchecked my sock knitting just continues until all available sock-knitting tools are in use. The more needles and bags, the more socks I cast on, until there are no more empty sock needles to fill.

Even for me, a full-blown sock knitting enthusiast, this is too many socks! I have ordered the 2021 Rainbows and Sprinkles Yarn Advent Calendar, which is due to arrive before 1 December. My plan is to finish all of these socks before I start the advent socks. That’s 11 weeks to finish 10 pairs of socks, six of which are about 75% done. That seems very doable, except for the other way I am like a goldfish – my teeny tiny attention span. I cast on a sock, zoom through the first one, cast on the second one and then … just cast on another pair of socks. It’s very fun and never boring but then one day you turn around and there are 10 unfinished pairs of socks lying on your coffee table.

So, operation #sockWIPdown is on. Wish me luck!

(Note: I have listed all the yarn dyers on this Instagram post.)

Hello, world! It’s knitting time.

Writing the first post for a new blog is hard! Recognising this, when you start a WordPress blog, WordPress provide you with a list of helpful prompts to help you get going. These prompts very from the quite blunt – why do this? – to the more friendly – who would you love to connect with? Effectively, this post is supposed to make it clear why people should read your blog and engage with your content when there is so much other content out there.

I am starting this blog because I want a place where I can talk about knitting, yarn and other crafty things. I really enjoy the #knitstagram community on Instagram (I am @hereiknit– come and say hi!). The problem is that the format of Instagram does not allow for any sort of in-depth discussion of projects. You can add notes to Ravelry project pages but Ravelry isn’t accessible to everyone and does not really facilitate a conversation. I know there are knitting podcasts – I love to watch them, and their format is really well suited to detailed discussion of knitting. But, the thought of filming myself and then posting that video publicly genuinely gives me anxiety (my heart rate rose just writing that sentence!). So, old school blogging it is.

Time, then, to introduce myself. My name is Belinda and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my boyfriend Sam and my fat cat Lucy. I love to knit and I knit all the time, everywhere and anywhere (see above – caught in the act of taking a photo of my knitting [rainbow sparkle socks by Jokamamo Textiles] while wearing a Musselburgh knit out of Dragonfly Yarn in the Reverie colourway and a Color Fields shawl [Rav link] in Tarndie 8 ply Polworth). I hope there is someone out there who will come along for the (craft, fun-filled) ride with me!

Happy crafting xx